I have been putting off writing this post for quite some time. I wanted to ensure that this post was not just a rant but a proper write-up on my thoughts about Thor : Ragnarok.

Before I start, I want to be upfront about the fact that I have never read the comics and I have no fancy notions that I am some really serious film buff and critic. I am writing this post because I really badly want to get it off my chest that Thor was a badly made film and covered up for this by inserting a lot of forced humor. Take for instance that very first scene with Thor rotating on the chains in front of Surtur – that actually made me cringe. There was absolutely nothing funny about it. Even the scene before that where he is talking to a skeleton is just plain lame. This movie is a deliberate insult to the viewers’ intelligence. And of course they got away with it.

I am going to list here all the things that irked me about this 2017 superhero blockbuster film by Marvel –

  1. Ragnarok – The movie is called Thor : Ragnarok and yet Ragnarok is an event that lasts less than five minutes of the entire film. So why even name the film that ? The whole plot of Ragnarok is basically just like one filler episode of Thor and Loki’s adventures in Sakaar.
  2. Odin’s Death – Odin dies and Thor doesn’t mourn. I understand Loki not mourning his dad’s death but why not Thor? He is quick to blame Loki for everything but even his anger is hardly there. By the third film Thor has suddenly turned into a funny person but has his character undergone such a drastic change where his father’s death doesn’t do anything to him at all? Have we all forgotten that their Mom’s death evoked more emotion and screen time than Odin’s?
  3. Loki – Has Tom Hiddleston suddenly become so useless to a film that you can only use him for lame physical comedy? So many of his scenes focus on him falling down on his face or getting something thrown at him. Why not just exclude him completely from the Thor movies and give him his own?
  4. Grandmaster – I am not entirely sure if the Grandmaster was a lame character for Jeff Goldblum to play or if the Grandmaster was not eccentric enough. Jeff Goldblum was awesome of course and I love that person but this Grandmaster guy was too much of an idiot. So it is hard for me to believe how he was even able to become the ruler of Sakaar. How all those previous revolutions were a failure is surprising to me. Jeff Goldblum could not convince me as an idiotic Grandmaster.
  5. Hela – Did they really just bring in Cate Blanchett into the film to look sexy and gothic and say all those catchy one-liners and then go ahead and defeat her in such an underwhelming way as a villain towards the end? And Thor doesn’t even bat an eyelid when he finds out he has a sister which is again so out of character. Show some emotion man! Have you suddenly become a weird sort of comedian who is incapable of processing other emotions at all?
  6. Deus ex machina – This entire movie is chock full of Deus ex machina devices. Let’s see if I can list all the biggest and most disappointing ones.
    • When Hela kicks Loki and Thor out of the Bifrost Bridge, both of them actually land on the same planet.
    • Thor finds not one but two allies on Sakaar and one of them is actually an Asgardian. Hulk could have been anywhere in the universe but he was conveniently present in Sakaar as the Grandmaster’s champion.
    • Hulk is the one who can defeat the monstrous wolf, Fenris.
    • Grandmaster’s ship is big enough for all of the Asgardians
    • Skurge just has those machine guns in his hands the exact moment he repents.
    • The last Valkyrie is an ace pilot and exactly who Thor needs to get him out through the Devil’s anus.
    • Odin appears to Thor every time he needs to throw a killer lightning bolt.
    • Thor can’t defeat Hela but Surtur can.

I will never understand how this film became a blockbuster hit. Have we as viewers stopped expecting a decent plot for a movie ? And these same idiots who enjoyed Thor go on to criticize films like Justice League which was way way better and was a true superhero film.

The film has some funny moments and I will agree that Korg was the only good thing to come out of it. But even Korg’s revolution cannot mask the fact that this was not a superhero movie but is more akin to a 90s slapstick comedy and has no place in this century.

It might appear that I am too judgemental and harsh on this film. However, what I did not say at the beginning of this post was that I loved the first 2 Thor Films and I love Captain America. I have been following all the Avengers films even though Ultron and Civil War were huge disappointments. I expected more from Thor Ragnarok. Turning Thor into a joker and Loki into the butt of so many jokes was not the way to go in my opinion.

If you disagree with me leave a comment below and let me know. And if you agree with me, I want to thank you for not being like everyone else. Also, thank you for reading this post till the end. Until the next post – Ciao !