If I had to give this season a rating, I would give it a 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Before going into detail about where this season loses points, let me highlight all the awesomeness first.

  1. Hopper and El – I think almost all of us wanted this to happen in the first season. Jim Hopper, the loner, and Eleven, the almost orphan, finding an unexpected family in each other was an absolute treat to watch. Two of the show’s most loved characters come together to create some really heart-warming TV moments.
  2. Dustin and Steve – Now who could have even imagined this unlikely duo coming together to fight the dogs, sorry demo-dogs. Every moment with these two on-screen together has been exciting and hilarious. Steve, the badass babysitter, and Dustin, the sneaky, sharp-witted pre-teen, are definitely going to be giving the Hopper and El duo a run for their money in the next season.
  3. Dustin and Dart – Do I even need say more about the demo-dog whisperer that is Dustin. People really do get crazy about their pets. Dustin is no different when he finds and decides to make a pet of the weird reptilian worm-like creature in the trash can outside his house, which then goes on to grow up and become a demo-dog.
  4. The fucking scary gargantuan shadow spider from upside down – The spooky factor was turned up a notch higher this season. Although there were no jump scares, the background score and the shadow monster had me on high alert the entire time. The shadow monster was scarier than the Demogorgon if that is even possible.
  5. Will Byers – Will Byers, while mostly absent in season 1, was definitely my favorite this season. Noah Schnapp’s acting gave me the chills and has to be applauded for its sheer realism. When Will starts having seizures near the tunnels while the soldiers set fire to the upside-down vines, gave me goosebumps, and it has to be commended for the hair-raising and terrifying acting genius of Noah Schnapp.

This season loses one whole point just for spoiling the story arc of Eleven who is a fan favourite. I hope there is a better purpose for Kali, Eleven’s sister, in the 3rd season, otherwise, her introduction was absolutely useless and such a waste of time. To tell the truth, although the story is good, the newly introduced characters were not fully fleshed out. Mad Max is supposed to be a cool girl.. uh well who the hell cares! Most of the time you are left wondering why she was even introduced into this season at all. I am hoping Kali and Max have more to add in the next season else it was all a waste of screentime. However, these flaws can be overlooked in the face of the fabulousness of everything else.

Wow, this post turned out to be longer than I expected. That’s a nice surprise I’ve given myself. Goodbye until the next post then.

If you feel that I have missed out on any points or if you disagree, leave a comment below and let me know how you felt about this season.