It has been just 5 hours since I finished watching this film and I am already dying to watch it again! It was one of my best movie experiences in 2017 and I must say it was a great way to end 2017 for me 🙂

Amazing music, Amazing songs, Awesome choreography and the list can go on and on. I am already hoping for this film to win the Academy Awards for multiple categories.

The story was nothing new but that’s not why you should go and see this film. From the first scene till the credits start rolling, the movie engulfs you with such beautiful music and overwhelming emotions. Your heart will be full of joy and your eyes will fill with tears at the spellbinding music. The whole movie feels like one long breathtakingly beautiful moment and you will certainly feel fulfilled when you walk out of the cinema hall.

The lyrics of every song are fun and touching and there is something for everyone here. The songs are catchy and you will be tapping your feet to The Greatest Showman. It is a shame I couldn’t get up and dance inside the movie hall.

I am normally not a fan of Zendaya or Zac Efron but you can certainly bet that I am a convert now!! My mind is already exploding that I am not watching the film again right now.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, go watch it at once. You will not regret it. As for me, I am gonna be listening to the soundtrack on loop till I can go see this movie once more.

10 stars from me for The Greatest Showman and Hats Off to Hugh Jackman!

That’s all folks! Have a great 2018!